Mailing & Fulfillment

Our goal is to deliver timely, relevant messaging with data-driven direct mail printing. We conveniently offer a variety of mail fulfillment services like addressing your direct mail pieces, delivering your completed mailing to our local post office and more. To keep your pieces secure we offer translucent wafer tabbing to ensure visibility.
We also ensure that you're packaging and shipping needs are on time, whether in cartons, on pallets or other options, your product will be delivered in good condition.

Offline Ink Jet Addressing

We can print addresses and delivery-point bar codes directly on your mail pieces using our inkjet addressing system. Inkjetting is fast and cost-effective and it gives your mailing a professional look.
Address files can be provided in a variety of formats including Excel and CSV file formats. They can be sent to us electronically or provided on disk.
Cut down on the amount of returned mail you get, and pay for, each time you send out a mailing. At your request, we will verify your mail list by updating ZIP Codes, eliminating duplicate addresses, and correcting inaccurate address information.
Direct Print or Labelled
Total Saturation, Bulk or Direct mailings.


Tabs are small circular wafers that are applied by machine to the open end of a self-mailer. Tabs close these exposed ends so they are not damaged when being sorted by the high speed USPS sorting equipment.
Any folded self-mailer must follow the USPS's regulations and be sealed with one, two or three tabs.
Tabs are made of translucent paper to ensure visibility of printed piece.
The number and size of tabs needed depends on the mail piece's weight and design.

Packaging & Shipping

Our goal for your packaging and shipping needs is pretty simple: on time, in good condition, at the least possible cost. We carefully prep and package your products before shipping to assure integrity of the products all through transport.
For efficiency and cost-savings we research the best transportation strategy for your load.
Depending on the size and quantity of your finished product we can carton, strap in bundles, palletize, shrink wrap, and even poly bag your product.
We facilitate various means of delivery, local deliveries, lift gate services, USPS, UPS, Less Than Truckload and Truck Load.